Financial Assistance for Veterinary Care


Pets give us priceless love and companionship, but the expenses of that companionship can add up quickly, and sometimes the expenses are unexpected. Preventive care and annual exams help prevent diseases and catch illnesses early before progressing to advanced stages, but emergencies, illnesses and injuries do unfortunately happen.

Pet insurance may be an option worth exploring to help offset large unexpected, unplanned out-of-pocket costs. There are many companies with several policy options, co-pays and deductibles you can tailor to fit your budget. Visit for more information.

National and local pet assistance programs offer relief to owners in need of veterinary services, emergency care, non-routine veterinary care and pet food. Each program has a different set of eligibility guidelines and requirements for qualification. Check with your veterinarian, local shelter or Humane Society for a list of resources in your area. The following organizations have searchable databases by state that offer assistance.

Banfield Pet Hospital:

Best Friends Animal Society:

Red Rover Relief:

The Humane Society Society of the United States:


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