Cats on Stage


The show must go on!

The Broadway production of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” opened in mid-March, and while you’d assume that the most popular star would be “Game of Thrones” actress Emilia Clarke playing the role of Holly Golightly made famous by Audrey Hepburn – it may actually be the feline performer Vito Vincent, who plays the role of “cat.”

In fact, the owner of Vito Vincent has been negotiating with producers to get a car and driver each night for the budding feline star. The cats have their own dressing room backstage, which was filled with bouquets of flowers and cans of cat food on opening night.

And while Vito Vincent — an orange male cat — receives top billing in Playbill, there are two understudies (Moo and Montie) listed in the credits, as well. At press-time, there have been some problems with Montie, and he is currently benched for bad behavior. As a result, Moo is currently considered the main understudy for the role of “cat.”

“Cats do have nine lives,” said publicist Rick Miramontez in a press release. “While there are others who are joining the production as understudies and covers, Montie will remain at the theater indefinitely.” Montie gets to retain his theatre privileges because his owner, Babette Corelli, helped with casting and trained the cats.

A social network for pet lovers

Complete with a Golden Retriever president named Bailey, uraPET ( is a new website launched to appeal to people who enjoy sharing photos and tidbits about their pets with like-minded folks. Similar to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, this site allows users to set up a profile and post, comment, “like” and share.

To get started, users can sign up as their pet and fill out a personal profile that includes a description of their pet and his or her interests. They can pin photos on their public wall, organizing them by different “boards.” The website also has standard social networking features for interacting privately.

“For millions of people, pets are a very important part of their lives. As any pet owner knows, all animals have unique personalities, which can provide for hours of entertainment,” explained Sharon Sexton-Braun, founder of uraPET. “We got to thinking — what if pets could interact online, just like us humans do? While we know that’s not exactly possible, uraPET creates a fun, lighthearted environment in which we can see what life would really be like if dogs, cats and other furry friends could log on and communicate with each other.”


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