Before You Take In That Stray…


Perhaps you’ve already started leaving out bowls of food for a stray cat who comes near your house. Maybe she has even let you pet her, and you decide to “go the distance” and have her come to live with you inside. But before you do:

1. Make sure the stray really is one and not a lost pet. Have her scanned for a microchip.

2. Have her checked out by a vet, if for no reason other than to protect the other cats already living with you. Cats who live outdoors commonly have ear mites and fleas. And they may also come with communicable diseases.

3. Get the cat spayed or neutered if she’s not already. Yes, you plan not to let her outside. But accidents happen. Do the responsible thing.

4. Get another litter box. Remember, the correct number of litter boxes for your home is the number of cats you own plus one.


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