To Induce Vomiting Upon Poisoning, Or Not?


If you know that your cat has swallowed a poisonous pill or chewed on a toxic plant, don’t waste time trying to induce vomiting,” says Tufts emergency and critical care veterinarian Elizabeth Rozanski, DVM. In fact, Dr. Rozanski points out, “there’s no safe way to do that at home. You could end up sending the poison back up though her digestive tract and causing more damage.” Instead, she advises calling your veterinarian or an animal poison control center for advice.

ASPCA’s Poison Control Center: 888-426-4435. (A consultation fee may apply.)

Pet Poison Helpline: 800-213-6680. (24-hour service, $59 fee includes initial call and follow-up consultations for that incident.)

“The fee may be a concern, but the prompt and accurate information you receive could save your cat’s life,” Dr. Rozanski says.


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