That Lump Is Probably Nothing — But Make Sure


Lumps on the skin are a common concern for cat owners, understandably so. But most are benign and of little importance. Still, better safe than sorry. Any new lump or bump you observe should be looked at by a veterinarian.

In many instances, the doctor will perform a needle aspiration. It doesn’t even require sedation, let alone anesthesia. The vet will take a few cells from the lump using a needle and then place them on a slide for examination under a microscope to check for malignancies and other problems. Most of the time, you and your pet will be sent home with an “all clear.”

If it does turn out that there’s a problem requiring treatment, such as a malignancy, you can pat yourself on the back for acting without delay. Whatever the issue, it will almost always be easier to resolve if it’s caught in its earliest stages — and very often less expensive as well.


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