Kitten with a Prolapsed Rectum

A kitten with a prolapsed rectum - how serious is it?


Q:Last month, a little stray kitten showed up at my house and I brought him into my home (I have three other adult cats). The following day, I took him to the vet to be examined and started on vaccines, etc. He appeared to be about 10 to 12 weeks at the time. During the appointment, I mentioned that his anus sometimes pokes out a little and looks a little red. Other times, it looks normal. The vet advised me to keep an eye on it, and if it doesn’t go back in, I should have him checked out right away. Is there anything I can do to help resolve this, and is it potentially serious?

– Pat Solomon

stray kitten

A: I would concur with your doctor’s opinion. Intermittent prolapse of the rectum (showing the red lining of the rectum) is common in young cats and disappears with age. This condition may result from straining to defecate, and routine deworming is recommended in case intestinal parasites are causative. In most cases, however, the problem disappears as the pet grows. Persistent prolapse of the rectal mucosa (“rectal prolapse”) is a more serious condition that requires surgical replacement of the prolapsed tissue back into the pet. Surgery is only necessary when the prolapse is persistent.

Michael Stone DVM, DACVIM
Clinical Assistant Professor
Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University


  1. My kitten has a rectal prolapse I am told by a few vets they won’t do it and now it’s worse I have been treating it with cold preparation H , Metrozonizole, had tested for parasites, non present, don’t know what to do , one vet quoted $6000, so sad found 1 vet will call , feeding kmr only 7 weeks old , tomorrow I will call a vet I was told will do this procedure

    • same here! I’ve done everything and had her undergone to a surgery but we’re surprised it is still protruding! don’t know what to do!

    • hi christine. rectal proplapses tend to resolve on their own in time. you should watch out for increasing lathargy, vomiting, diarrhea, fever. making a sugar solution is known to be helpful as well. a sugar solution can be made by boiling some water, and take a lot of sugar and let it boil with the water for five or so minutes. the sugar ratio should be higher than the water’s ratio, meaning that less water is required to be boiled and you’ll want to put as much sugar as you can into the water boil. let boil for 5 minutes. then let solution cool in a jar, put in the fridge for about 45 minutes, and the sugar solution should look somewhat like honey but a little smoother.
      apply solution 3-4 times daily.

  2. Same here… my friend just rescued a kitten from some homeless people in that exact condition. I don’t know what to do but we are planing to take it to the vet in a few hours when they open


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