Dear Doctor – Catnip experts discuss fatty growth

Seeks reason for cats fatty growth


[From Tufts January 2010 Issue]

I was lifting up my cat onto his perch, and I felt a fatty-type growth under his fur near his groin. I have felt a similar type of growth in a pet rat of mine. Should I be concerned?
Paige G. Small

Dear Paige: It is hard to say whether this fatty growth is of concern or not. It is possible that it is actually just fat. Sometimes, neutered cats develop deposits of fat in the groin. When this occurs, you would feel the fatty deposit equally on both sides. If that is the case, it is not serious, although a decrease in food volume might be needed if your cat is overweight.

If what you feel is just on one side, it is probably not normal, and could indicate a tumor or hernia. Your veterinarian could determine the most likely cause on physical examination, so it is probably worth a visit. Hopefully it will not be anything serious.
Susan Cotter, DVM
Distinguished Professor
Department of Clinical Sciences
Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
at Tufts University


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