Cat Coughing? Take Notice


Has your cat been coughing a lot? Get her to the doctor. It’s not a nothing sign.

Many cats cough occasionally, and that’s okay. Coughing up hairballs (more like retching than actual coughing) is nothing to worry about, either. But if your cat has developed a persistent cough that lasts more than a few days — and especially if the cough is severe or produces phlegm or sputum — she needs to be seen by the vet. Chances are that something’s wrong, and it’s not going to go away on its own.

Causes of coughing in cats range from an infection of the lower respiratory tract (akin to bronchitis in people) to asthma, allergies, or, in rare cases, a chest tumor. What coughing tends not to signify in cats is heart disease. It’s more of a sign of a heart problem in dogs and people.

The sooner you bring your coughing cat to the veterinarian, the sooner whatever ails her can be properly diagnosed. And the less severe the condition will become, making it easier to treat and more likely to be gotten under good control.


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