Breathing Problems for Cats with Flat Noses


Does your cat have noisy breathing, snoring, and difficulty sleeping? There’s a reasonable chance it’s a Persian, Himalayan, or Burmese, or at least a cat who has one or more of those types of cats in her genetic makeup. Such breeds often have faces with a pushed-in look, and that could be a sign that the nostrils and windpipe are too narrow and the head too short. The upshot: It’s difficult for the cat to breathe easily.

Fortunately, most cats with this problem — called brachycephalic airway syndrome — do not require medical intervention. But for cats who really struggle to get enough air, a surgery can be performed to widen the nostrils by removing a little bit of tissue from their edges. That, in turn, allows more air to pass though.

Another, less invasive approach: If your cat is overweight, put her on a weight management plan. Having extra pounds makes the problem worse.


  1. Can a cat be to finicky for the litter box? Like, he will pee in it but if there is other poop from my other cat, he will go around the box on the tile floor! OCD kitty?!


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