An Eye Condition That Looks Like a Cataract — But Isn’t


A bluish-gray tint is making your cat’s eye look cloudy, or even opaque. You worry that it’s a cataract but are afraid to find out because cataract surgery is expensive. However, chances are your cat’s eyesight is fine. Most cloudy eyes that develop in middle-aged and older cats are the result of a harmless condition known as lenticular sclerosis. It develops as follows.

The lens of a cat’s eye grows throughout her life. As that happens, old “fibers” become compacted in the central region of the lens. That makes it look cloudy, but the lens is still able to receive incoming light, so the cat can continue to see and no treatment is necessary.

So if you see your cat’s eye (or eyes) clouding over, bring her in. You’ll probably end up relieved — but you also want to make sure nothing needs tending.


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