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Improving Emergency and Disaster Responses for Our Cats

In a time of sharp partisan divides, legislators have come together for our pets. The Senate (unanimously) and the House of Representatives have passed the Planning for Animal Wellness, or PAW Act. If signed into law by the president, it would prompt FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) to convene a working group of experts […]

When the Sniffles Turn Serious

If your cat comes down with the sniffles for a few days, it’s nothing to worry about. A short bout of a runny nose and sneezing fades away without harm. But if the signs persist for a week to 10 days, take your pet to the veterinarian — especially if the nasal discharge is green […]

For the Sake of the “Child”

Don’t kid yourself. If you and your partner haven’t been getting along, your cat knows it — and is experiencing the stress. It might not seem obvious because cats often don’t like to give away their feelings. Also, if you’re upset, you might be inclined to miss cues from your pet, or fail to connect […]

Yes, But Which Cat Should You Take Home?

You can’t decide to bring home the one beautiful cat from the shelter because, as you already know, all cats are astoundingly beautiful. Besides, you shouldn’t be choosing a pet based on looks. You should choose one with the personality that will best suit your household, considering such things as whether you have a rambunctious […]

When Cats Lick Themselves Too Much

The typical cat grooms herself at least 30 percent of the day, and sometimes up to 50 percent. It’s normal. But with so much time spent licking and gently biting at their coats, how can you tell when a cat is over-grooming? It’s an important question because too much grooming can be a sign of […]

Litterbox woes

Q: I put a plastic liner under the litterbox. It spread beyond the box’s edges a few inches in each direction in order to catch any litter that shot out when my cat scratched her feet after “going.” But then she started to refuse to use the box and started to relieve herself on the […]

How does she know I’m pregnant?

Q: I am just entering my second trimester of pregnancy and not showing yet, but I’m sure my cat knows. How can that be? Tamsin Nasberg Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Dear Ms. Nasberg, A: Your cat does not know you’re pregnant, although she might very well know that something is different. Cats are acutely sensitive to changes […]

My, Kitty, What Narrow Pupils You Have!

You’d think the pupils of house cats would be similar to those of the big cats in the wild, like lions and tigers. But their slit-like pupils are actually more like the pupils of snakes and crocodiles, researchers found when looking at the pupil shapes of 214 different types of animals. Why is that? It […]

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  • Morsels: Put the Scissors Down!; 
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  • Signs of Liver Disease In Your Cat Act quickly to prevent death.
  • Have You Gotten Too Familiar With Your Cat?
  • New study suggests that people who have been around cats might be the least likely to interact with them the way they want.
  • What Animal Does Your Cat Like to Hunt?The answer will help you choose better toys for her.
  • Why Is Your Cat Always Sleeping (Except When You Want To?)
  • Ash In Your Cat’s Diet?
  • Dear Doctor: My cats cry while carrying their toys; What about milk that’s lactose-free?

About That Fish Tank

A home aquarium provides good environmental enrichment for house cats. They like to watch the fish flutter by and may also be intrigued by the water, the little “palm trees” that move with the “waves,” and perhaps the bubbles or gurgling sounds fish tanks sometimes emit. But if you don’t set things up properly, there […]

What Animal Does Your Cat Like to Hunt?

Most cats display a preference for a particular type of prey, says the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. For instance, some cats may very much enjoy chasing mice, while others might be into catching birds — or bugs. Finding out just where your cat’s predatory instincts lie will help you buy or make […]

Why Is Your Cat Always Sleeping (Except When You Want To?)

While we sleep about 7 to 9 hours a night, a cat sleeps roughly 12 to 16 hours out of every 24. Why is it, then, that they often seem to be underfoot and jonesing for action just when we want things calm? You’d think that with all that time snoozing, the chances would be […]