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Grooming Gear

Whether it’s the luxurious locks of your Himalayan or your tabby’s more strictly functional striped coat, a thorough brushing will do more than make...
Cat and Vet

When Was the Last Time Your Cat’s Blood Pressure Was Measured?

Considering how much most cats hate going for veterinary checkups, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that checking feline blood pressure often goes by...

A Labeling Loophole That Allows Foods to Sound More Healthful Than They Are

Only a couple of health claims are allowed on cat food labels, including one for urinary health and one for hairballs. All other health...
Did you ever doubt that your cat feels the same way you do?

They Feel More Attached Than You May Think

It’s often assumed that while dogs can have strong attachments to their human caregivers and feel more secure in their presence, cats don’t share...

Boxed In and Loving It

Boxes, paper grocery bags, a shelf in a linen closet…you name it, a cat likes to squeeze herself into it. Some of the reason for...
Veterinarian examining teeth of a cat while doing checkup

Dear Doctor: An Unsightly Sore on the Cat’s Upper Lip

Q. My cat has developed an angry-looking, reddish-brown sore on her upper lip. I thought it was just a wart and would go away...

Brushing: Its For His Health, Not Just His Looks

Self-grooming only goes so far, especially as a cat ages and cant reach around to his body parts as well. Thats why you want to supplement a cats licking baths with brushing. It wont only help your cat look his best. It will remove dirt, grease, and dead hair from his coat, not to mention cut down on hairballs. In addition, it will help remove loosened skin flakes and improve circulation.

Why Cat Breeds Dont Look As Different As Dog Breeds

There are only 42 recognized cat breeds in the U.S., compared with 192 dog breeds. Still, why are cat breeds so similar-looking compared to dog breeds? (Think Chihuahua versus beagle versus German shepherd.)


Cats with two faces are incredibly rare, and they usually die within days of being born. But the latest Janus cat, as they are known, is doing fine. Now six months old, the black beauty (beauties?) is doing well at her California home. She has been aptly named Duo.

Food Labeling Terms with More Sizzle Than Substance

Pet food is a multi-billion-dollar industry in the U.S., and companies spend no small amount of money deciding what words to put in large, bold letters on the front of their packages to get you to buy their brands. But many of the come-hither terms have no legal definitions. They mean whatever the manufacturer wants them to mean. Others do have legal definitions, but they do not match the popular definitions, so they can confuse consumers into thinking a food has a special quality that it doesnt. And some pet foods are simply misbranded. Heres a guide for which terms to ignore, or at least rethink, when choosing food for your cat.

Faster Wound Healing with New Technology

The Cummings School at Tufts University has reportedly become the first veterinary facility in the U.S. to use a new treatment for speeding up wound healing in cats and other pets. Called cold plasma therapy, it appears to hasten the skins return to normal when it has been compromised by such things as cuts and abscesses. It also clears the crusting, scaling, inflammation, and eruptions that sometimes appear as the result of infections associated with allergies and other conditions.