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  • Don’t Pursue Your Cat…
  • Morsels: Things That Don’t Go Together: Your Cat and Narrow Spaces; Recognizing a Partial Seizure; In Your Cat’s Old Age; You May Need to Give More Frequent Manis and Pedis.
  • What’s the Right Number of Meals to Feed Your Cat Each Day?
  • Is it Dangerous to Let Your Cat Sleep in Your Bed?
  • July 4th: Your Cat’s Least Favorite Holiday
  • Should Your Cat Be an Indoor Pet or Indoor/Outdoor?
  • Are NSAIDs the Right Choice for Long-Term Use in Cats?
  • Dear Doctor

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  • For How Long Can a Cat Food be “New” and “Improved”?
  • Morsels
  • 3 Easy-to-Miss Signs of Feline Fear
  • Veterinary Chaplaincy Edges Towards the Mainstream
  • How Concerned Should You Be about Lumps and Bumps on Your Cat’s Coat?
  • What It Means When a Cat Throws a Clot
  • Dear Doctor: Vaccine Confusion

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  • “Fat” and “Obese” are Not Four-Letter Words
  • When Your Cat Won’t Eat, Don’t Do This; A Movie to Skip; On Politics and Pet Care.
  • Concerns that Catnip Will Make Your Cat High; Concerns that It Won’t
  • Your Cat Is Dying. How Does She Feel About It?
  • Do You Know Your Cat’s Blood Pressure? You Should.
  • Cat Talk, and What it Means
  • Cat Too Clingy
  • Dear Doctor

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  • Is It the Vet’s Fault or Yours?
  • Morsels
  • Your Role in Your Cat’s Orthopedic Exam
  • Raw Meat Diets for Cats?
  • Easter Comes and Goes, but Lilies’ Threat to Cats is Forever
  • Critical Cat Cancer Warning Signs
  • Dear Doctor

Download The Full March 2024 Issue PDF

  • If Your Cat Were a Person, How Old Would She Be?
  • The Meaning of “Veterinarian Recommended” on Cat Food 
  • New Guidelines for Helping an Itchy Cat
  • Older Cat Less Active? Maybe Your Floors are Too Slippery
  • If Your Cat’s Ears Look Dirty, Don’t Clean Them!
  • Can Cats Use Facial Expressions to Signal Friendliness to Other Cats?
  • Dear Doctor: Worried about dehydration; Cat’s got rhythm; Mental illness in cats.

Download The Full February 2024 Issue PDF

  • Keep Your Cat from Climbing the Feline Ladder of Aggression
  • Morsels
  • The Brain-Bladder Connection in Cats Can Cause Disease
  • Interior Design with Your Cat in Mind
  • The Cat Myths that Won’t Die
  • Yet Another Reason Not to Let Your Cat Become (or Remain) Overweight
  • Sticking to a Routine is Critical for a Cat’s Health
  • Dear Doctor

Download The Full January 2024 Issue PDF

  • Why Do So Many Cats Have GI Problems with New Foods?
  • Morsels: National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day; Increases in Vocalizations
  • Is Your Cat’s Litter Safe for You?
  • Should You Be Giving Your Cat Fish Oil?
  • When Your Cat Must Be Fed in an Upright Position to Stay Alive
  • Dental Sealants to Help Your Cat Avoid Gum Disease?
  • Feline Vaccine Hesitancy
  • Five Feline Fixes on the Cheap
  • Dear Doctor

Download The Full December 2023 Issue PDF

  • Increase Your Cat’s Clicker Training Success Rate
  • Morsels
  • Holiday Dangers Awaiting Your Cat That You Haven’t Thought Of
  • But Does Your Cat 
Actually Need a Bath?
  • How the Cat Nose Knows
  • When Your Cat Keeps Eating Things That Aren’t Food
  • 4 Ways to Act Proactively for Your Cat
  • Dear Doctor

Download The Full November 2023 Issue PDF

  • Why You Absolutely Can’t Take a Cat Scratch or Bite Casually
  • Morsels
  • Things That Don’t Go Together With Cats
  • Integrative Geriatrics For Your Senior Cat?
  • Losing Excess Weight Does Much More Than Make a Cat Healthier
  • 3 Ways to Help a Scaredy Cat
  • Deciding How to Take a Cat’s Temperature
  • Dear Doctor

Download The Full October 2023 Issue PDF

  • Feline Arthritis Pain: The Signs Can Be Subtle
  • Morsels
  • Socializing: Cats Can Take It or Leave It
  • Turn Down the Television! And Other Ways to Keep Your Cat Happier
  • Can Your Cat Pay It Forward As a Blood Donor?
  • Nail Trimming: Not Just For Your Furniture But For Your Cat’s Safety
  • When a Cat Starts Losing Hair
  • Dear Doctor

Download The Full September 2023 Issue PDF

  • Your Cat’s Got the (Weird) Moves
  • Morsels
  • When Your Cat Naps in the Litter Box
  • Before You Take in Another Cat…
  • Rules Change for Monitoring Cats with Hyperthyroidism
  • Bored Cat? Scatter the Feline Doldrums with Agility Training
  • Keeping Cats from 
Reproducing Without Having to Spay Them
  • Dear Doctor

Download The Full August 2023 Issue PDF

  • A New Drug to Treat Itchy Feline Skin Condition
  • The One Disease Pet Health Insurance May Not Cover
  • Yes, But Why Are the Kidneys Enlarged?
  • How Often Does Your Cat Really Need Blood Work?
  • When It’s Okay to Use an Automatic Feeder to Give Your Cat Her Meals — and When It’s Not
  • With Summer Comes Territorial Urine Marking
  • Dear Doctor