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  • But You Have To Let Them Catch It Sometimes
  • Why That Statement of Nutritional Adequacy is So Important;
  • Improving Emergency and Disaster Responses for Our Cats;
  • When the Sniffles Turn Serious.
  • For the Sake of the “Child”
  • Yes, But Which Cat Should You Take Home?
  • When Cats Lick Themselves Too Much
  • My, Kitty, What Narrow Pupils You Have!
  • More Cats Now Prone to Painful Tooth Complication
  • Litterbox woes

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  • About That Fish Tank
  • Morsels: Put the Scissors Down!; 
15 Minutes; Toxic Masculinity?; Cat No Longer Underfoot? She Could Be in Pain.
  • Signs of Liver Disease In Your Cat Act quickly to prevent death.
  • Have You Gotten Too Familiar With Your Cat?
  • New study suggests that people who have been around cats might be the least likely to interact with them the way they want.
  • What Animal Does Your Cat Like to Hunt?The answer will help you choose better toys for her.
  • Why Is Your Cat Always Sleeping (Except When You Want To?)
  • Ash In Your Cat’s Diet?
  • Dear Doctor: My cats cry while carrying their toys; What about milk that’s lactose-free?

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  • Cats for Senior Citizens 
Who Can’t Afford Them; 
A Halloween Tail.
  • Cat-atomy
  • Aspects of feline anatomy 
that help explain their grace 
and mystique.
  • Cats on a Shoestring
  • Cats immune to catnip’s charms may enjoy silver vine.
  • Antibiotics Losing Their Effectiveness in Cats, Too
  • Respect Your Cat’s Sense of Smell
  • Awareness of your pet’s keen ability to detect different odors in your home will guide you in protecting her sense of security.
  • Dear Doctor: Grooming the hand that feeds him; Sleep to the beat.

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  • Have You Tried Warming the Food?
  • Morsels
  • Fostering a Cat When You Already Have One
  • It’s Happy Cat Month. How Will You Let Your Cat Know?
  • Help For the Velcro Cat (and You!)
  • How Not to Diagnose a Food Allergy
  • The Way Cats Mourn When a Fellow Cat Dies

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  • Cat’s Tooth Resorbing? 
  • If Your Cat’s Pancreas Starts Digesting Itself
  • Diagnosing — and treating — pancreatitis
  • When One Cat “Bullies” Another
  • Ways Not to Modify Your Cat’s Behavior
  • Do We See What They See?
  • If You Die Before Your Cat

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  • How Cats Point — If You’re Paying Attention; Illness, in
    Four Breaths.
  • Have You Been Practicing Proper Pet Food Hygiene?
  • Is Your Cat Suffering from Oligoanalgesia?
  • Vaccine Anxiety Overblown
  • Removing a Nasal Polyp
  • What’s a Veterinary Technician?
  • Dear Doctor

Download The Full June 2022 Issue PDF

  • Freeze-Dried Cat Food: Think Twice; How to Bathe Your Cat 
in the Sink.
  • Hot-Weather Hazards Even for the Entirely Indoor Cat
  • 12 Things You Know To Be True About Your Cat — But Aren’t
  • Easy Ways to Improve Your Older Cat’s Quality of Life
  • Fruits and Vegetables for Your Carnivorous Cat?
  • The cat attacks me “out of nowhere”; Cat is awfully thirsty

Download The Full May 2022 Issue PDF

  • Does Your Cat Have ADHD?
  • It’s Not Out Of Spite
  • Allergic to Love
  • Are the Cats in Your Home Part of the Same Social Group?
  • Where Will You Take Your Cat In an Off-Hours Emergency?
  • Keeping Your Cat Safe From Burns