Cat and Vet

When Was the Last Time Your Cat’s Blood Pressure Was Measured?

Considering how much most cats hate going for veterinary checkups, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that checking feline blood pressure often goes by...
Veterinarian examining teeth of a cat while doing checkup

Dear Doctor: An Unsightly Sore on the Cat’s Upper Lip

Q. My cat has developed an angry-looking, reddish-brown sore on her upper lip. I thought it was just a wart and would go away...

Faster Wound Healing with New Technology

The Cummings School at Tufts University has reportedly become the first veterinary facility in the U.S. to use a new treatment for speeding up wound healing in cats and other pets. Called cold plasma therapy, it appears to hasten the skins return to normal when it has been compromised by such things as cuts and abscesses. It also clears the crusting, scaling, inflammation, and eruptions that sometimes appear as the result of infections associated with allergies and other conditions.

Brushing: Its For His Health, Not Just His Looks

Self-grooming only goes so far, especially as a cat ages and cant reach around to his body parts as well. Thats why you want to supplement a cats licking baths with brushing. It wont only help your cat look his best. It will remove dirt, grease, and dead hair from his coat, not to mention cut down on hairballs. In addition, it will help remove loosened skin flakes and improve circulation.

No Need to be Squeamish: Giving Injections Is Easy

Say needle, and some people go weak at the knees. Tell them they have to inject their cat with a needle regularly, and they may feel they just wont be able to, especially because they fear they will hurt their pet. They wont. If youre among the needle phobic and are told you need to administer injections yet still dont feel convinced, keep in mind that you love your cat and want her to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible. You can do this.

You Should Check Not Just Weight But Also Muscle Mass

You know you should be assessing your cats body condition score to make sure she isnt too heavy. But what about her muscle condition score? Cats with undue muscle loss, either because of a chronic disease or simply the aging process - or both - are often weaker than they should be and may have a decreased ability to recover from illness or surgery.

Dear Doctor: Pushing back on the diagnosis

My beloved cat, Tigger, has died of cancer at the age of 19, and his death has left me feeling somewhat guilty. He enjoyed going outdoors, and I would follow him around the yard to make sure he was okay.

Comparing Veterinary Practices

There is no database in veterinary medicine that lets people compare records for how well different practices do with regard to health outcomes. The only resource is word of mouth - anecdotes from people you know who share their own experiences at local veterinary offices.

Eco-Friendly Cat Goods

If youre looking to lessen your impact on the environment but still want to keep your cat happy with fun toys, a comforting bed, and other accouterments, consider some sustainable alternatives to less planet-friendly fare. The products here offer a few of the ever-increasing number of ways you can lessen your cats carbon paw print. You may even decide to purchase extras for family and friends this holiday season.

Getting a Handle on Feline Asthma

When a cat coughs on a fairly regular basis, people often think their pet is trying to throw up hairballs, says Tufts veterinarian Elizabeth Rozanski, DVM. But coughing and throwing up are two separate things. And unless you see actual hairballs vomited up, a coughing cat should be brought to the veterinarian, she advises.

Dear Doctor: Bringing a Deaf Cat into your Life

I have fallen in love with a shelter cat that is deaf and would like to adopt it. Should I have any concerns?

Dear Doctor: Unable to Afford the Surgery

My cat needs a $3,000 operation, and I dont have the cash or that much credit available on my credit card. I should have bought pet health insurance, but obviously Im not going to be able to get it now, after the need for a surgery has been found. Do I have any options whatsoever?