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Cats like vertical scratching posts, but it’s good to have two or three different types in the house, including a horizontal one.

Helping Cats Satisfy Their Scratching Instinct

Cats don’t just enjoy scratching. They scratch for a number of reasons both psychological and physiological. For instance, they scratch when they are excited, as well as when they are bored or anxious. They also scratch to flex their bodies and stretch their feet. And scratching is a way to mark territory. It leaves a […]

It’s Okay If Your Cat “Covers” Her Food

Many cats go through the motions of covering their food by scratching or pawing around the bowl in a simulation of digging. They’re not actually putting dirt over their food, of course. An instinct just has them acting as if they are. A cat who does this is not neurotic. She’s acting on a genetically […]

The Weakest Sense

With almost 40 times more odor-sensitive cells in their noses than we have in ours, cats have it all over us when it comes to the sense of smell. They can also hear more frequencies than we (and most other mammals) can. But when it comes to the sense of taste, we humans have got […]
A cat who always keeps away from the action needs help feeling more comfortable in your home.

Does Your Cat Act or React?

Does you cat feel secure in his surroundings? Does he see the territory he inhabits as his own and feel free to move about as he would like? You can tell by the way he interacts with his environment — and with you. A confident cat will enter a room with a relaxed posture, tail […]
Another cat with a hankering for her owner’s feet.

Dear Doctor: Cat attacks my feet

Q. My new kitten won’t stop charging at my feet. Sometimes he just comes over to sniff them, but often, he literally jumps at them and starts batting, scratching, and even biting them. It really hurts. What is this obsession with feet, and how can I get him to stop? Crystal Hummer Detroit, Michigan Dear […]

Feline Behaviors Often Seen as Normal — But Are Not

I see about one cat for every 10 to 15 dogs,” says the head of the Tufts Animal Behavior Clinic, Stephanie Borns-Weil, DVM. Why is it that people with dogs are more apt to seek professional help for their pet’s behavioral problems than people with cats? It’s because those who care for cats often do […]

Clamoring to Go Out

Your cat has always tried to rush out the front door when it is opened, but lately he seems more determined than ever to make a run for it. You feel bad that he is cooped up inside, but you also know he is infinitely safer in the house. What could be going on? Any […]
If a cat is super-fearful all the time, something is wrong;

A Veterinarian’s Behavioral Assessment That You Can Make On Your Own

The American Association of Feline Practitioners says there are eight questions regarding behavior that a veterinarian should ask about your cat during every visit. The answers are important not only because they help uncover behavioral problems that need to be addressed for the cat’s (and your) comfort—they also can help diagnose medical problems because behavior […]
Cat looking at laptop

Yes, But Why On My Laptop?

Cats prefer to initiate interaction with you rather than the other way around. That’s why, while you’re working on your laptop (or reading the paper), they like to climb right on top of it as a way of demanding your attention. You are never more enticing than when you’re absorbed in something that is not […]

Are Cats Social Eaters?

Humans do it - eat to be polite, to join in with others, rather than because they are hungry. And dogs most certainly will want in on the action if they see another dog eating, whether or not the sight or aroma of the food itself has enticed them. But what about cats? Do they eat to experience social connectedness?
Cat nose

Dear Doctor: The Nose Knows

Q. How strong is a cat’s sense of smell? Jonathan Puccio Cincinnati, Ohio Dear Mr. Puccio, A. cat’s sense of smell leaves ours in the dust. In fact, sniffing scents is a cat’s primary way of reading his world. The feline nose has about 200 million odor-sensitive cells. The human nose, by contrast, has about […]
You’re not gonna lift me out, are you?

Why Cats Enjoy Hanging Out In Sinks

Sinks are a favorite spot to hang out for many cats. One reason may be that the cold, hard porcelain or ceramic basin of a sink cools them off after they’ve been sunning in a window or resting near a radiator. They may also enjoy their bodies being “cradled” by the sink’s roundedness; having most […]