She Loves Having Me Around, She Loves It Not


Dogs loved having their owners home with them during the COVID pandemic. Among cats, however, the reaction wasn’t uniformly positive. In a survey that included more than 100 cat owners conducted by researchers at James Cook University in North Queensland, Australia, people were split roughly 50/50 on whether their cats were more content and more affectionate during lockdown or more apt to disapprove of the constant sharing of territory.

Cats’ reactions ranged from put out to happier, more needy, demanding, affectionate, or playful, the researchers report in the International Journal of Social Psychiatry. In other words, they were all over the map on how they felt about spending more time with their human families.

Some cats clearly wanted more attention. They figured, “You’re here. Interact with me.” Others may not have appreciated all the extra “we” time, especially if there were kids in the home. A lot of cats don’t like the boisterousness young children bring to a household.

Then, too, cats simply have a hard time with change — a good point to remember as life goes back to normal. Consider how the new reality will affect your cat depending on her personality and try to accommodate her need for more — or less — togetherness.




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