Let it Be the Cats Idea

To achieve the most cooperation, it's always best to work with her natural behavior.


Most mornings, I like to start out at my computer to catch up on emails, read some news (that’s a bad idea, many days), enjoy my cup of coffee and plan the rest of my day.

This happens to be my cat Rocky’s favorite time of day, too. After breakfast and a full belly, he deems it the perfect time to walk across the keyboard, stretch full length along the keyboard, jump on my shoulders, rub his cheeks on mine, curl into my lap like a tiny kitten (I started this when he was young, admittedly, as I sat at my computer in the mornings). The list goes on with his annoying (but pretty cute) antics.

And then finally I got smart! I bought an inexpensive, but quite cozy, cat bed and placed it on my desk. This trick to “outsmarting” my boy has worked very well, I must admit. But the bed may be TOO comfortable because he now sleeps there at night, instead of with me! (This was not part of my plan, whatsoever! Maybe the bed has to go.)

This made me realize that the timeliness of our article on photographing our pets (page 8) is perfect. Instead of trying to get your cat to pose for you, you should simply fgure out what the cat is likely to do, when and where — and bring your trusty camera phone with you. No need to buy fancy equipment or spend hours trying posing your pet. These tactics are likely to be expensive and frustrating, if nothing else.

If readers want to practice their best photography skills, you can email me digital images at evecsi@rcn.com. We will publish our favorite photo in an upcoming issue of Catnip.

Elizabeth Vecsi
Executive Editor


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