Keeping Score

Feline Agility Course


The goal of feline agility is for your cat to complete the 10-obstacle course, the right way, in the right order, as quickly as possible. You have five minutes in the ring. From the moment your cat’s paws touch the first step, until his front paws touch the floor after jumping through the hoop (the 10th obstacle), the stopwatch is on.

Your cat starts out with 420 points, and loses one point for every second it takes to complete the course. Some cats take minutes to complete it. But the best ones do the entire course in 15 seconds. Some can do it in a little over seven seconds. Although CFA is for pedigreed cats, any cat can compete in agility shows.

Cats get to keep points they’ve earned throughout the year, and compete for annual awards: Agility “competitor,” “winner,” “master,” and “grandmaster.” The highest-scoring cat may have 6,000 points. Archibald has had three cats that have earned “agility grandmaster” titles, but since she now runs the events, she now longer has her cats compete.


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