How to Get Started!

Training Your Cat in Agility


Visit the CFA website’s feline agility page at:

Try it at home, and get comfortable with your cat. There’s no need to create an actual course at first. “Sit in a chair with a lure on a long stick, and drag it to get the kitten or cat to follow it. Get comfortable with it. Now your cat has learned to chase the toy.”

Next, improvise a course. Buy an infant tunnel, or just get a box and open it at both ends. Or put a pillow on the floor. Lean a Hula-Hoop against a table or chair, so your cat can jump through. Fill two-liter bottles with water, and get your cat to weave through these. Now use your lure to get your kitten or cat to go through your course. “Once you get your cat to respond to you, you’re both learning agility skills,” says Archibald.

Keep practice sessions short and fun — no more than 10 or 15 minutes. “When the cat gets tired of playing, put the toy away,” says Archibald. “Close it away in the cupboard — they’ll know where it is if you leave it on a chair.”

Find a show in your area on the CFA website. Take your cat — or kitten. Try it out in the ring for yourself. It will give you the chance to connect with other enthusiasts, as well, and determine if this hobby may be right for you.


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