Happy Cat Happy You: Who are you & what is that?!

Excerpt from Happy Cat Happy You by Arden Moore


As cuddly cute as kittens are, they must be taught how to socialize. As soon as you bring your young feline home, you can begin instilling good manners, self-confidence, and trust in your newest addition to the family.

Expose your impressionable kitten to young people, old people, tall people, short people, people with accents and people wearing hats and other funny clothes that make them look different.

If possible, your kitten should meet other cats and yes, even friendly d-o-g-s! Just make sure that your kitten is up to date on all her vaccinations before doing a paw-and-purr greet with any critters outside your home.

In addition to being introduced to other animals, your kitten needs to become used to her surrounding so that she doesn’t develop phobias.

• Let her get used to the sounds of the vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, and hair dryer.

• Introduce her to her own reflection in mirrors.

• Hoist her onto the slick top of the clothes dryer (the surface simulates a veterinary clinic’s exam table).

• Expose her to different surfaces, from slippery tile or wood flooring to plush carpet, from grass to a gravel driveway (a good place to practice leash training too!)

For more information on your cat’s behavior and ways to ensure a happy household, purchase Happy Cat Happy You from Catnip.


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