Cat Likes the Laptop

Why they want to get in the way.


Anumber of people have written to tell us that their cat likes to sit on something they’re trying to look at: a newspaper, a computer keyboard, whatever. Take it as a compliment. When a cat comes between you and the thing you’re interested in, she becomes the thing you’re interested in. That is, she’s telling you to pay attention to her, or even that she just wants to hang out with you.

One person wrote to say that he works at home and is baffled that his cat comes over to sit right on his laptop around 7 pm each evening but not at other times. Why might she do that? It could be that by that point she’s ready for some interaction. After all, the person presumably has already been working all day. Also, especially at this time of year, dusk sets in around 7 pm. And sunset (and sunrise) are the times of day cats are most naturally active. So wanting some interaction at that point could be a reflection of her natural biorhythm.


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