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How to Raise a Healthy Kitten

How to Raise a Healthy Kitten

A variety of disorders can threaten the health and development of your growing cat, so it's important to take the necessary steps to build a strong foundation.

April 2017 - A normal kitten weighs three or four ounces at birth, and after consuming only her mother’s milk, will typically gain as much as a half-ounce per day. She will double her birth weight during her first week out of the womb. By the time she is three weeks old, she will have tripled her birth weight. And while this rapid growth rate will soon taper off, the kitten will quickly blossom into feline adulthood.

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Protect Your Cat From Fleas

These tiny insects can cause your pet a variety of health issues. Understand that indoor cats can sometimes be at risk, too, so here's how to be proactive.

Spring and summer are on the way, and a lot of people are rejoicing. The weather may be extremely enjoyable for many of us — but it can be miserable for cats because warm and humid weather is paradise for fleas. The truth is that few creatures have had as much impact on world history as the common flea. From the black plague during the 14th century to the present, fleas have been the cause of much grief.

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Catio Tour

Catios Come Into their Own

Here are some expert tips to consider before installing a catio for your pet's optimal comfort and safety.

In a Portland, Oregon, variant of garden tours, a growing number of people are taking part every year in the Catio Tour. Organized by the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon, the tour highlights the wide variety of screened-in enclosures that allow cats to safely enjoy the outdoors. “What the tour does is puts the name with the actual structure, and that helps people see that these do exist,” says Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon director Karen Kraus. “Plus, having the tour will raise the bar and inspire more people to do this on their own property.”

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Cat Scratching

Understanding Cat-Scratch Disease

This somewhat common zoonotic disease sounds scarier than it is, but precautions should be taken by people with compromised immune systems.

There is a variety of bacterial, viral, parasitic and fungal diseases that can affect both cats and humans. These zoonotic diseases can be passed from an affected cat to her owner through touching, biting or scratching.

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