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Feeding the Homemade Diet

Feeding the Homemade Diet

Home-cooked meal plans for your cat may spell love but not necessarily good nutrition. Heres why nutrient imbalances and other dietary problems abound.

October 2017 - A home-cooked diet for your pet sounds great, and it certainly appeals to the emotions,” says Cailin Heinze, MS, VMD, DACVN. “But realistically, the vast majority of these diets I see cats being fed are not nutritionally balanced because just using whole foods that are typically consumed by humans is usually not enough to balance a cat’s diet.”

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Cat on computer

Cat Haven in Old San Juan

Save A Gato helps to feed and take care of the stray and feral population in this historic city of Puerto Rico.

As a feline veterinarian and enthusiastic traveler, I try to combine my two passions —cats and travel — whenever possible. I succeeded in the Netherlands when I visited the Poezenboot, a floating cat shelter docked on Amsterdam’s Singel canal. My luck continued in Burma, where I visited a Burmese Cat Sanctuary on Inle Lake. And fortune struck again recently in Puerto Rico, as I came upon Save A Gato, a volunteer organization run by a dedicated group of cat lovers that cares for the abundant feral cats of Old San Juan.

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Lost Cat

How to Find Your Lost Cat

Heres why they sometimes go missing where they like to hide and most importantly, how you can find them. Tip: Even indoor cats should wear ID.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, well over 86 million cats currently live in U.S. homes. Two-thirds of them are considered “indoor-only” feline companions — their owners keep them confined within the home at all times. The remaining one-third are so-called “indoor-outdoor” cats — they are free to trot in and out of their owners’ houses as the mood strikes them.

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The Challenge in Treating IBD

Chronic vomiting and diarrhea may signal the presence of this common feline disorder. Heres what you should know, including treatment options.

Until a few months ago, your eight-year-old cat Dotty has always been a healthy girl with a robust appetite, good eating habits and an apparently healthy digestive system. Moreover, Dotty has never ventured beyond the confines of your home, so her exposure to any disease that might be carried by other cats in the neighborhood has been virtually nonexistent.

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