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The Future of Feline Health

The Future of Feline Health

July 2017 - Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) — a serious illness characterized by the presence of cysts in the kidney and sometimes outright kidney failure — is a genetic disorder found in nearly two out of every five Persian cats (and many Himalayan cats, too). But because the majority of cats are not purebred, and mate randomly, it is also found throughout the general cat population. In other words, any house cat can carry the genetic trait. And it’s not just PDK making its way into the greater cat population.

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The Hazards of Holidays

Accidents and illnesses usually occur at the most inopportune of times. Are you prepared?

For most of us, the spring and summer months usher in long holiday weekends filled with family, friends, barbeque and celebration.

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neighborhood stray cat

Adopting the Neighborhood Stray

Several measures can help an outdoor cat transition to a happy and safe life inside your home. Heres some expert advice to guide you.

You’re a warm-hearted person with a special fondness for cats, especially the young tabby who has been showing up at your back door for the past few weeks looking for the free meal that you never fail to provide. The thought has occurred to you that you might invite him in to become a permanent member of your family, rather than letting him continue to lead his perilous life outdoors.

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cat laying on keyboard

Is Pet Insurance a Good Idea?

There are now a number of companies that offer a variety of coverage from basic wellness exams to catastrophic injury and illness. Heres what you should consider.

These days, many cat owners are giving considerable thought to investing in a pet health insurance policy. But is pet health insurance for your cat actually a good idea financially? To help you make that decision, let’s examine what a few of the more popular pet health insurance companies have to offer.

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