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Blood Transfusions in Cats

Blood Transfusions in Cats

This life-saving procedure is becoming increasingly more common, but it needs to follow a careful protocol. Here's how the process works.

November 2017 - Most people have some familiarity with the concept of a blood transfusion, perhaps by donating blood to the local Red Cross, or possibly as a recipient during a hospital stay. Thankfully, most cat owners have very little experience with transfusions when it comes to their pets.

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The Importance of FIV/FeLV Testing

A variety of simple and inexpensive lab tests can reveal the presence of these life-threatening viral diseases. Heres what to expect when testing.

Although two submicroscopic organisms — the feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) — differ from one another in a number of significant ways, they have one very important characteristic in common: Infection with either of them can cause a cat’s premature death.

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Minimizing Stress for Your Cat

Most importantly, cats dont like changes in their environment or schedule. But when theyre necessary, here are feline-friendly ways to minimize their effect.

Much in the same way that stress affects humans, it can also affect cats. While brief periods of stress can help cats to survive dangerous situations, recurrent or prolonged stress can be harmful for them both physically and emotionally.

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Estate Planning For Our Pets

Its hard to picture a future without your pets, but its also important to think about what may happen to them if something happens to you. Start planning now.

We plan for so many life events like milestone birthday parties, graduations and weddings, yet we frequently postpone planning the major life event we all face — our death and distribution of our earthly possessions. Simply put, life happens despite our best-laid plans (or lack of planning).

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