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Are Grain-Free Diets Healthier?

Are Grain-Free Diets Healthier?

A Tufts study compares grain-free diets to those that contain grain and the conclusion is that the marketing outpaces the evidence of their actual benefit.

December 2017 - If you think you’re noticing more and more grain-free pet foods on the shelves, you’re right. According to data in the Dog and Cat Food Ingredient Center —which examines pet food trends and ingredients — 73 percent of manufacturers producing dry cat food in the United States now have at least one grain-free product.

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Cat weight loss

Helping Your Cat to Lose Weight

Slimming down an overweight feline companion takes patience and dedication and also veterinary expertise and direction. Here's why.

When Blazer tipped the scale at 29 pounds, his owner knew it was time to take action. “He has always been a big boy,” explains Susanne Jenkins of her tabby cat. “But over the course of one long winter, he simply blew up. He was living with four dogs and getting into a lot of dog food.”

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Cat taking nap

The Cat Who Loves Too Much

Sometimes, a cat's attachment to a person can border on being unhealthy. Here's how to gently modify the behavior so everyone's needs are met more appropriately.

When you’re walking around the house, he’s weaving tight figure eights around your legs. If you’re trying to take a catnap or watch some prime-time television, he’s happily draped across your neck, purring away.

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cat dental exam

The Importance of Dental Health for Cats

Virtually all cats will experience dental disease, so experts recommend daily tooth brushing and a proper diet to promote good dental health.

Inflamed and swollen gums, bad breath, a decline in appetite, noticeable weight loss — these are among the most common indications that your cat is suffering from a disorder centered in her oral cavity, most likely in her teeth and gums.

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