If you’d like to have a sixth sense when it comes to understanding your cat’s needs and her behavior…

If you’d like vigilant and confident cat care to become second nature…

If you’d like every one of your cat’s nine lives to be as healthy and happy as possible…

…CATNIP is the one monthly that will give you the guidance you want!

You want the best for your cat. And so do we. Direct from the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, CATNIP is the honest, informative, advertising-free monthly publication caring cat owners trust most.

CATNIP eases health and nutrition decisions. You’ll fortify your cat’s resistance to illness. You’ll gain insight into her moods, moves, and meows. You’ll find ways to keep her engaged and safe. You’ll discover…

…the best foods and diets to bolster feline wellness, build immunity, and promote vitality. You’ll learn about the best commercial diets, suitable supplements, how dietary requirements change with age…and more.

…tips and secrets to cat-happiness (and owner-happiness). CATNIP offers practical measures to address behavior issues…to quell a cat’s anxiety…cope with the “crazies”…avoid rivalries…and prevent boredom.

…steps for protecting good health with smart and timely care. You’ll learn of advances against heart and respiratory disease, safer ways to conquer fleas…prevent colitis and IBD…and boost energy and agility.

…a “catalog” of the best buys in gear, toys, and more. Independent and unbiased, CATNIP will point you to affordable, safe, and cat-friendly choices in everything from hidden holes and brushes to toys and treats.

Every issue of CATNIP brings you such helpful, practical guidance as…

  • wet vs. dry food—a definitive answer at last!
  • 6 secrets to ensuring tranquility in a multi-cat household
  • the emerging—and effective–role of therapeutic diets
  • why your cat likes to drink from the faucet and not her bowl
  • Breakthrough: a new early test for chronic kidney disease
  • the subtle—and important— message in a cat’s slow blink
    how to decide which shots to give your cat—and when.
  • the best bowls for your cat’s food (Throw out the plastic now!)
  • 5 popular pet health insurance carriers and what they offer

BONUS! When you order now you’ll also enjoy full access to the CATNIP Online Library. More than 500 instructive articles on good health, feeding, behavior, and more are yours on command. Plus you can download current and back issues in PDF format to your Mac, PC, or mobile device.