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Cats and Home Remodeling Projects

[IMGCAP(1)] [From Tufts January 2010 Issue] Before Dave and Jody Rundle embarked on a major home renovation project two years ago, the Santa Barbara, California, couple sat down and planned every step of the process - including a discussion on how to make life as stress-free as possible for their three cats, Izzy, Smudge and Blue. …

Dear Doctor – How Can I Quiet my Chatty Cat?

Please, I need help on what to do with my chatty cat, Bubba. He is 7 years old. My other cat, Melissa, is 8. Bubba has been a rascal ever since I brought him home. I have had cats for 30 years , but I am puzzled by Bubbas behavior because he talks all the time. …

Tail Talk in cats

Ever puzzled by what your cat is trying to tell you? Or wonder what her mood is? One way to communicate better with our cats is by learning how to interpret their body postures - especially the tail position.The versatile tail definitely does more than provide balance or act as a rudder for swim-minded cats. Cats use their tails to signal their moods.

Myth Buster: Cats and Water

[From Tufts March 2011 Issue] In spite of their reputation for tolerating only dry land, a surprising number of domesticated cats not only tolerate but love pawing water or swimming. Some like to play in standing water; others are fascinated by running water and prefer to drink from a faucet rather than a bowl. …

Senior Cat Stopped Using Litter Box

We have two wonderful 14-year-old cats who are sisters. In November, our veterinarian cleaned their teeth and discovered that the one named Julie had a bladder infection that was treated with an oral medication for two weeks. She lives a comfortable life, napping in a bed buddy located under our dining room table. She regularly uses the litter box located about 12 feet away.

Turf 101

In a free-roaming environment, a cats area is divided up into different sections. These divisions are clearly defined from a cats point of view. The outermost area where the cat roams and patrols for food is referred to as the home range, and may overlap other cats areas as well. Adult males tend to have a larger home range than females, and during mating season, an intact males home range will increase temporarily as he…

The Graveyard Shift

If you live with several cats, there's a pretty good chance that you've had at least one four A.M. wake-up call. Whether he wants food, a place on your pillow, or just a bit of playtime, a cat can be mighty persistent.

If you've been getting up to put food in his dish when he sits on your chest at four or five A.M., then you're reinforcing his behavior. Even if you try to hold out as long as possible before you simply can't stand it anymore, every time you get up lets him know his method worked.

Maybe your cat doesn't want food - he merely wants your attention. Out of frustration you may have resorted to locking him out of the bedroom. Although it may work with some cats, in other cases you may end up with having to listen to the endless sound of a cat scratching and pawing at the door or scratching at the carpet.

Cats tend to become more active after dusk. Just as you're winding down from the day, a cat is revving up. After engaging in several catnaps during the day, a cat is ready for play when the sun goes down. You also have to keep in mind that you've been gone all day, so when you come home at night, your cats are stimulated by your presence.

Fortunately, there's an effective and fun method for curbing nocturnal activity base on natural cat behavior.

Frisky Kitten vs. Older Cats

One can hope that the newcomers aggression is merely play and that the others cope with it during his remaining kittenhood by removing themselves from his reach. To facilitate their ability to take care of themselves, you should provide plenty of places for them to run to, hide in, or escape to - including boxes, cardboard tunnels, and/or an elaborate cat condo/cat tree). In time, things may work out for them all. We certainly hope so!

Are You Good at Determining Friend or Foe between cats?

Stress in cats is a contributing factor to illness, including Feline Idiopathic Cystitis. Studies show that many cat owners dont recognize the signs of stress or conflict between cats. Take this intercat relationship quiz to see if your cats get along as friends or merely tolerate each other at best.

- Do your cats sleep together?

- Do your cats comfortably eat together, sharing the same bowl at the same time?

Anti-Anxiety Medications for Cats

Regardless of age, breed or gender, any cat can develop a serious anxiety disorder. This is an affliction in which a cat is seriously and persistently disturbed by phenomena or situations which a normal cat would ignore or soon learn to disregard.Unfortunately, this upsetting condition is one of the more frequently observed among all feline behavioral syndromes. In some cases, the perceived threat may actually be something about which a cat could be justifiably anxious…

Claws Up

Cats scratch your furniture not because they are being malicious but because they have an innate need to sharpen their claws. When they scratch, they leave their scent behind, which brings them back to the same spot again and again.

Thwart your cat by spraying a neutralizing solution to remove the odor. Then apply double-sided sticky tape, heavy plastic, or aluminum foil to the arms of the furniture or drape a big towel or blanket over the arms.

Thats Part 1. Part 2 calls for you to redirect your feline friend to practice cat scratch fever on a scratching post instead.Thwart your cat by spraying a neutralizing solution to remove the odor. Then apply double-sided sticky tape, heavy plastic, or aluminum foil to the arms of the furniture or drape a big towel or blanket…

Happy Cat Happy You: Who are you & what is that?!

As cuddly cute as kittens are, they must be taught how to socialize. As soon as you bring your young feline home, you can begin instilling good manners, self-confidence, and trust in your newest addition to the family.

Expose your impressionable kitten to young people, old people, tall people, short people, people with accents and people wearing hats and other funny clothes that make them look different.

If possible, your kitten should meet other cats and yes, …