Naughty No More


‘Naughty No More!’ promises solutions to every loving cat owner whose home is blessed with a creative, free-thinking feline. Internationally respected Certified Cat-Behavior Consultant Marilyn Krieger brings authority, humor, and paws-on experience to this informative new book. She details the solutions to the most challenging cat-behavior issues, combining the “click” with common sense and positive thinking.

In this easy-to-read beginner’s guide, Marilyn Krieger, a leading clicker-training expert, tells you how to teach your cat to: sit and stay and not dart out of doors; not scratch the furniture; have stress-free introductions to new cats; stay off the table and counters; get along better with you, your guests and other cats; have a stress free association with both the cat carrier and the trip to the veterinarian; do tricks and much more!

Solving troublesome cat behaviors have never been so easy!

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