Managing Cat Aggression


Cats can be aggressive. And this behavior can occur quickly and unexpectedly. Understanding your cats body signals and behavior triggers is the key in redirection or avoidance of the unwanted conduct all together.

Brought to you from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, in the new ebook from Catnip, Managing Cat Aggression, youll learn:

  • The difference between playful aggression and serious aggression
  • Why you should be careful when rubbing your cats stomach
  • When aggression is an indication of illness
  • How to treat a wound if you do get bit by your cat
  • Ways to keep the peace when aggressive behavior strikes in a multi-cat household

Get up-to-speed on your cats bodys language so you can redirect her aggression and keep the attacks and fights to a minimum. Listen to what your cat is saying with her eyes, ears, back, voice and tail. You – and your cat – will be happier.

Order your downloadable ebook of Managing Cat Aggression today!