Some Help in Feeding Your Cat

- Try different types of food to see if your cat likes a different brand or flavor.

- Warm the food slightly.

- Add a little bit of something with a strong odor - a little tuna juice or tuna fish, for example.

- Consider hand feeding - once in a while. Some cats will allow it, says Dr. Ross. You dont want to do it too much, though. Your cat can actually get an aversion to food - associate it with being forced to eat. Also, you dont want to get bitten, even if inadvertently.

Consider hand feeding - once in a while. Some cats will allow it, says Dr. Ross. You dont want to do it too much, though. Your cat can actually get an aversion to food - associate it with…

What It Means When A Cat’s Appetite Changes

Youd think it would be relatively easy to spot when a cats appetite is flagging - or revving up. If you have one cat, its fairly obvious when your cat is not eating the same amount of food, explains Linda A. Ross, DVM, associate professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences at Tufts Universitys Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. But the majority of cat owners have more than one cat. When you live with two…

Dear Doctor – A cat with a tuna preference

Q I have a five-year-old cat I adopted from a shelter as a kitten. Spruce has been a wonderful companion, with good behavior and...

Cutting Carbohydrates for Obese Cats

[From Tufts March 2010 Issue]

Today, more than one-third of cats in the United States are overweight, posing many health risks and possibly contributing to shortened lives.

Ongoing research indicates that increasing protein levels and decreasing carbohydrates in feline diets play vital roles in preventing obesity and its related illnesses. One of these leading scientists, Debra Zoran, DVM, associate professor and chief of medicine at Texas A&M Universitys College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences in College Station, presented her research at the June 2009 conference of The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) in Montreal, Canada.

Dear Doctor – The nutritional value of tuna in cats

[From Tufts July 2011 Issue]

Can you tell me if there is anything detrimental to feeding canned tuna to a cat? I have heard that there might be health issues.
Kent Creed

Dear Kent: Your question is a good one. There is no harm in feeding canned tuna to a cat as a treat. However, because it is not complete and balanced with all of a cats daily nutrient needs, it should not be fed as a primary diet.

Ask The Doctor – Carbs and Metabolism in Cats

Do carbs make cats fat?
Q I am a long-time subscriber to Catnip, and a volunteer for feline rescue groups in my area. A large female recently came to us at a little over twenty pounds, and was described by our vet as a food-grazer. For the past three weeks under our care, she has been receiving one-quarter cup twice daily of a veterinarian-recommended weight reduction food, and she has lost just under one pound.

Pros and Cons of Free-Feeding Your Cat

For many cats, this method works well because they can nibble at will throughout the day or night. This method is also most convenient for owners because they can leave their cats for longer periods without having to worry about getting home in time for dinner. Another benefit of this feeding method is that, in a multicat home, cats who have appetites at different times can satisfy themselves conveniently. If there's tension in the multicat home, this can also allow one cat to come in and feed when another cat isn't around.

Ask The Doctor – Veggies and Supplements

Q My wife likes to puree vegetables - like peas, carrots and sweet potato - and mix it into our cats canned food. Is this okay to do? Are there any vegetables that should never be added to the cat food? We also add some cranberry powder (made for cats), along with some hairball powder. We trying to be to health-minded, but can we be causing potential problems?
David Smith

Dear Doctor – March 2016

Some advice for weight loss
Q My cat, Buddy, is obese. He is very long, and weighs close to 29 pounds. Our veterinarian says we should try to get him down to 20 pounds. He has been tested for a thyroid problem, and it appears that this is not the issue.
My veterinarian consulted with a colleague, who thought it may be that Buddy is not able to process carbohydrates. Weve reduced Buddys total calories to around 325 per day.

Food Allergies in Cats

At least on the surface, food allergies can appear to be straightforward - the body reacting negatively to something ingested. When taking a closer look, however, food allergies are considerably more complex than that, and they often require much trial and error to reach a solution. Simply put, adverse reactions to food occur when a typically harmless ingredient is ingested and distinct clinical signs appear. A food allergy is a response to a food - usually a protein in the animals diet - that involves the immune system.

Over-the-Counter Diet versus Rx Diet for cats

Many premium commercial pet food manufacturers now include foods that offer novel proteins and limited ingredient, hypoallergenic and grain-free formulas. Most comply with AAFCO guidelines and are easily available in a variety of price points. Many cat owners prefer to pick one of these instead of buying a therapeutic diet from a veterinarians office - especially when the ingredients on the labels appear to be so similar.

According to Dr. Heinze, For a diagnostic trial, if youre trying to prove an animal does or does not have food allergies, you should never use an OTC diet, for a couple of reasons. For one thing, most of them that call themselves limited antigen ...

The Importance of Taurine in Cats

Like all mammals, domestic cats require a nutritionally sound daily diet, containing appropriate amounts of vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats and water. Most of these dietary components come from the commercially prepared foods that the typical cat consumes each day, while adequate amounts of other important nutrients are manufactured within the cats system by means of complex biochemical processes. …