Protect Against Flea Infestation on your Cat

Among all external feline parasites, the cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis felis) is by far the most common, and the presence of these minute critters - vast numbers of them - in a cats fur and on the animals skin is very likely to be exceedingly uncomfortable. Still worse, flea bites can cause such severe,persistent scratching that the skin becomes abraded and vulnerable to infection. …

Some Ways to Help Reduce the Flea Threat

There are only two ways to counter flea infestation and its impact on your cats health, says Dr. Stone. First, of course, you must rid your cat of the insect. Second, you must do your best to get the little creatures out of your home and away from your outdoor property - an effort requiring your meticulous attention and probably the services of a professional exterminator. Here are a few things that you can do…

Construction and Your Cat

Before John and Susanna Roth embarked on a major home renovation project two years ago, the Saugerties, New York couple sat down and planned every step of the process - including a discussion on how to make life as stress-free as possible for their three cats, Stanislaw, Delphine and Sadie. …

Home Remodeling Cat Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Cats crave consistency in the household routine. Nicholas Dodman, BVMS, veterinarian and director of the Animal Behavior Clinic at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, provides six tips aimed at keeping your cat safe and reducing the risk of unwanted behavior issues during a home remodeling project: Place your cats in a familiar room as far away from the construction zone as possible. Be sure they have all the necessities like food, water, litter…

Introducing a New Baby to Your Cat

Congratulations on your upcoming new arrival! There is nothing more exciting and challenging than bringing a new baby into the world. However, along with the joy and elation that new parents experience, a great deal of household change will also take place. And this includes the dynamic with the family pet(s). …

Adopting a cat when theres already a child at home

According to experts, its perfectly fine to adopt a cat when you have children. There is no reason why cats and children cannot get along harmoniously - as long as the parents carefully supervise interactions between the children and the cat to keep everyone protected and safe. Many children develop strong, long-lasting, loving bonds with their cats. As a result of these relationships, children can develop respect for other creatures and learn how to be protective and…

June 2014 – Full Issue PDF

June 2014 - Full Issue PDF

Why many cats dont receive regular veterinary care

Why many owners dont take their cats for checkups? According to the Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study III: Feline Findings, more than half of Americans 74 million cats (52 percent) are not receiving regular veterinary care.

Protect Your Cat from Poisons

Has your cat, within the past hour or so, become suspiciously sluggish and lethargic? Is she drooling, vomiting or walking unsteadily? Has her breathing suddenly become heavy and strained? If so, youll be wise to contact your veterinarian without delay or, better yet, to rush the cat immediately to the nearest veterinary clinic.

The Master Bug Hunter

Having lived in a city for the majority of my life, I really enjoy the improvement in my quality of life since I moved to upstate New York about five years ago. And my cats definitely appreciate the change in location. Back then, a view from an apartment window revealed mostly traffic and pedestrians. Not a large number of birds and squirrels, and the lack of a truly comfortable place to perch anyway (apparently, a narrow windowsill is passable for a short stint, but hardly ideal).

September 2014 – Full Issue PDF

September 2014 - Full Issue PDF

Car Travel with Your Cat

A brief car ride to the veterinarian can certainly unhinge many cats, so what do you do when you need to travel with them for a period of five hours - or even more?