Dear Doctor September 2014

Letters to Tufts Veterinarians - Feline acne; Why is my cat so aggressive?; A question about vaccinations

Save Money on Cat Care Costs

It isnt unusual for cat owners to spend more than $1,500 per year per cat. If that sounds daunting, there may be some easy adjustments you can make - like avoiding gourmet foods, fancy collars, pricey toys and designer cat furniture. But many costs are essential to keeping cats healthy.

Save Money and Make Your Own Cat Toys!

Before you spend money on pricey, commercial cat toys, take a quick look around your house. Many common household items can double as cat toys, including paper bags, cardboard boxes, cardboard toilet paper rolls, drinking straws and bottle caps.

Dear Doctor November 2014

A cat who disappears whenever guests come over; Can cats show jealousy; Care for a deaf cat

October 2014 – Full Issue PDF

October 2014 - Full Issue PDF

The Barn Kitten Dilemma

Living in a new town has brought me around plenty of new people and a couple of old friends. One of these old friends is a woman who owns a local horse farm. Its been fun for me to stop by and do some chores, enjoy a little horse time and catch up on shared acquaintances and a little gossip here and there.

Make the Most of a Vet Visit

Whether youre taking your cat to the veterinarian for a routine check-up or for treatment of a chronic health problem, you want to get the most from your visit. To accomplish this goal, owners should begin by considering whats normal for their cat.

November 2014 – Full Issue PDF

November 2014 - Full Issue PDF

Time to Settle In

The two cats and I arrived in our new house in the Hudson Valley last weekend, and after a relatively uneventful four-hour car ride (if you can dismiss the nearly constant unhappy vocalization of Puja from within her cat box in the back seat of my car), I remembered some key things about moving into a new home.

Create a Happy New Year!

At the beginning of each year, most of us write a list of New Years resolutions that we intend to keep - some with more success than others! But do you factor in some goals for your pets, as well?

Air Travel With Cats

If you are planning to fly with your cat - either for an extended vacation or a permanent long-distance relocation -there are two ways you can travel on a commercial airline: in the cabin with your pet, or with the animal as checked baggage in the cargo hold.

A Cautionary Tale to Consider

Transporting a cat as checked baggage is not recommended unless there is absolutely no other alternative. In addition to the frightening loud noises and unfamiliar odors, there is also the potentially fatal risk of the cat escaping from the carrier and getting lost.