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Dear Doctor January 2015

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Dear Doctor – February 2015

QMy five-year-old male, neutered indoor-only cat is very timid and shy. We adopted him when he was about seven weeks old. Two years ago, we rescued a stray - a spayed female who is three.

A reader asks: Do cats show a preference for using one paw over...

A left-handed cat? Q I have a 15-year-old Blue Point Siamese neutered male. After lots of experience and observation, I do believe that he is left-handed. Do cats - like people - usually have a dominant hand (paw)?Both his breeder and first owner are left-handed people. Did he learn by observing them?

Dear Doctor

Help for a cat with hairballsQI have a five-year-old female longhaired cat who I adopted from the local humane society about two years ago. Recently, she has been having hairballs almost on a daily basis.

Why Does My Cat Stick His Tongue Out?

As a feline practitioner, I have heard many stories and have seen my share of cats who, during the normal course of their day, happen to sit around with their tongues sticking out a little. In most cases, there is nothing to be concerned about. It is simply the cats own personal quirk, and it is actually kind of endearing.

When to use supplements; a cat whose bed is now the litter box; treatment...

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Dear Doctor – Expired Pet Food

Expiration dates on pet food QI recently bought several large bags of a high-quality cat food on sale at our local pet store. Unfortunately, I just realized that the best by date has been passed by a couple of months on two of the bags (the third bags date is okay). …