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Skin Problems in Cats

Excerpt from Think Like a Cat by Pam-Johnson Bennett

Fleas and Other Itchy Things

Scratch ... scratch ... scratch. You hear it in the night when you're trying to sleep. During the day you notice your cat is about to pounce on a toy when suddenly he stops, sits down, and scratches frantically at his neck. It could be something as simple as being uncomfortable with his collar, or it could be any number of skin problems that can plague a cat at any age. Allergies, fungal disease, and parasites can drive a cat crazy. One of the most common cause of skin scratching is the pesky little flea. If you cat has an allergy to fleas, it just takes one to cause him (and you) sleepless nights.

If your cat appears to have skin problems such as a rash, inflammation, oily or dry skin, bumps, or anything else that looks or feels suspicious, get it checked by the veterinarian. In addition to any oral or topical prescription, a special medicated shampoo may be needed.

With fleas and ticks, because cats are such dedicated groomers, you may never actually see the parasite but you may be able to see the excrement they leave behind ont he cat's skin.

With the availability of effective topical flea-control products, you cat really have to suffer the discomfort of flea infestation.

To learn more about total flea and tick control for your cat and his environment, purchase Think Like a Cat from Catnip today.


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