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February 2020

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Food Labeling Terms with More Sizzle Than Substance

Pet food is a multi-billion-dollar industry in the U.S., and companies spend no small amount of money deciding what words to put in large, bold letters on the front of their packages to get you to buy their brands. But many of the come-hither terms have no legal definitions. They mean whatever the manufacturer wants them to mean. Others do have legal definitions, but they do not match the popular definitions, so they can confuse consumers into thinking a food has a special quality that it doesn’t. And some pet foods are simply misbranded. Here’s a guide for which terms to ignore, or at least rethink, when choosing food for your cat.   More...


Cats with two faces are incredibly rare, and they usually die within days of being born. But the latest Janus cat, as they are known, is doing fine. Now six months old, the black beauty (beauties?) is doing well at her California home. She has been aptly named Duo.   More...

Brushing: It’s For His Health, Not Just His LooksSubscribers Only

Self-grooming only goes so far, especially as a cat ages and can’t reach around to his body parts as well. That’s why you want to supplement a cat’s licking “baths” with brushing. It won’t only help your cat look his best. It will remove dirt, grease, and dead hair from his coat, not to mention cut down on hairballs. In addition, it will help remove loosened skin flakes and improve circulation.   More...

There’s More to Volunteering at a Shelter Than Petting CatsSubscribers Only

Most shelters are happy to have volunteers come and give resident cats attention by playing with them and grooming them. Cats warehoused in shelters need extra attention and socializing so that they will look good to potential adopters and also will adapt better to life with people once they make it to a loving home. But there’s more to helping shelter cats than interacting with them directly, and you may have just the talent required. Consider asking a local shelter if it needs help in any of these areas.   More...

How to Talk to a Young Child When a Pet DiesSubscribers Only

There are literally dozens of books about grieving over the loss of a pet. It’s an industry unto itself. But Fred Rogers’ book, When a Pet Dies, stands out among the others, even though it was first published more than 30 years ago. The book is meant for preschoolers as well as those in the early grades but, of course, also for their parents, who will go through the pages with their young ones.   More...

No Need to be Squeamish: Giving Injections Is EasySubscribers Only

Say “needle,” and some people go weak at the knees. Tell them they have to inject their cat with a needle regularly, and they may feel they just won’t be able to, especially because they fear they will hurt their pet. They won’t. If you’re among the needle phobic and are told you need to administer injections yet still don’t feel convinced, keep in mind that you love your cat and want her to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible. You can do this.   More...

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