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Feature November 2019 Issue

Delaware Becomes the First State Without Kill Shelters

It was the very first state in the U.S., and now it’s the first state in the country to become a no-kill state for shelter animals. It’s not a law but, rather, a designation bestowed by the Best Friends Animal Society, a nonprofit animal welfare organization that works to help put an end to the euthanasia of unwanted pets in animal shelters across the country.

A state’s no-kill status is achieved once it reaches a shelter save rate of 90 percent or higher. The Best Friends Animal Society hopes to make the United States a no-kill country by the year 2025, teaming up with shelters, animal welfare organizations, and government agencies to make sure every animal without a home gets adopted. Currently, cats are euthanized at approximately twice the rate of dogs.

Comments (1)

Thank goodness. We adopted an older cat from our county shelter after our Angel Cat passed away. She's a Manx and the poor thing's original owner passed away at 92 and I guess there was nobody in the family that wanted her. Then she was adopted and brought back a couple of weeks later because the person had personal problems they said. so when we took her home the poor thing was scared and hid under my mother's bed until i finally blocked it all off and set up a place in the closet for her. It's taken her around six months to finally come out to the living room. sometimes she looks so depressed because she has to miss her mommy and I am sure she doesn't know what happened to her and probably feels abandoned. I still cry every day missing my angel cat. I hope to see more places in this country to become no kill states also! That would be awesome. Thank you

Posted by: dnaffzig | January 2, 2020 9:22 AM    Report this comment

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