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Feature June 2016 Issue

What is Megacolon?

Keeping an eye on your catís litter box habits can give you a good sense when something is amiss. Be sure to mention any changes to your veterinarian.

What is Megacolon?

Unrelieved constipation can make your cat extremely uncomfortable, and may even require surgery. Hereís what you should know about this condition.

Obviously, itís very distressing to a cat owner if she witnesses the plight of an otherwise healthy animal having difficulty moving her bowels. The cat will crouch over her litter box and stare fixedly ahead ó her abdomen contracting and her legs and hind quarters quivering as she strains to pass an impacted stool. If her efforts pay off at all, she may eventually pass a small, hard, dark-colored fecal mass into her litter box.Ö

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