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Feature November 2013 Issue

Tips to Encourage Your Cat’s Appetite

Cats with kidney disease often have changes in appetite — either decreased appetite or changes in food preferences.


Below are tips to improve their eating:

  • You should introduce any new diet gradually.
  • Feed smaller meals more frequently.
  • Warm canned food, and add homemade low-sodium chicken or fish broth to kibble. (Note: even commercial low sodium broths are too high in sodium.)
  • Have several food options with different flavors, textures and brands that are appropriate for your cat. Try to feed a single food consistently as much as possible, but having other appropriate foods available for times when your cat’s appetite wanes can be very useful.
  • If your cat’s appetite wanes, talk to your veterinarian as medications or fluids may need to be adjusted.
  • Sometimes, changing the type of dish or location of feeding can improve appetite.
  • To increase fluid intake, try canned food, frequently refreshing water bowls and water fountains.

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